The Hindsight Conference

About Hindsight™

Hind.sight understanding of a situation or event only after it has happened or developed

The Hindsight™ Conference was an annual conference in New York City on urban planning through an equity lens that was organized and run by DivComm from 2017 to 2021. DivComm would select a theme around a significant urban planning and equity-related milestone to shed light on the discriminatory history of planning and its role in shaping today’s inequitable places, and to highlight planning as a means of achieving more inclusive, just, and equitable communities.

The final Hindsight™ was in 2021

Here's why from the official Hindsight™ website:

"After four incredible years of Hindsight™, we are bittersweetly announcing 2021 as our fifth and final year of this annual conference. We, the founders and organizers, want to preserve DivComm as a community that provides a safe and generative space for our members and offer other programming, without the weight of organizing a major, expanding conference every year. This year’s virtual conference will merge with and serve as the APA New York Metro Chapter Annual Conference–a tangible and symbolic act of incorporating the equity principles at the core of Hindsight™ into the core of the chapter. In this finale, we are inviting the public to take the equity principles behind Hindsight™ and apply it to all future planning conferences and events. We hope this finale ultimately reminds you to dream big and take collective action to create the change you want to see. We look forward to celebrating and seeing what you manifest next!"

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